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Apple HomePod Mini 2-Gang Decora/GFCI Outlet Shelf

Apple HomePod Mini 2-Gang Decora/GFCI Outlet Shelf

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This is a 3D-printed 2-gang outlet cover/faceplate shelf designed to perfectly fit the base of the Apple HomePod Mini. This is for 2-gang (dual) boxes! Please make sure the pictures match your existing outlet covers. This cover will fit GFCI/DECORA outlet receptacles, and there are multiple options to fit different arrangements, including a regular light switch on the left or right side.

Dimensions: 154mm x 130mm x 80mm (HxWxD)

There is a hole on top sized perfectly to fit the USB-C connector of the HomePod Mini power cable, and a hollow compartment inside the shelf part to hide away excess power cable. The compartment is made to be just large enough to fit the excess cable, so it will be somewhat of a tight fit, but we didn't want to add any more bulk/height to the shelf than absolutely necessary. We have found it easiest to get the HomePod Mini power cable threaded through the hole and tucked into the compartment before fastening the faceplate to your outlet receptacle.

As always, when working with electrical outlets, it's safest to turn off the breaker for that outlet before using a screwdriver on it! These outlet covers are not certified by any regulatory agencies, so use at your own risk.

Please keep in mind these are 3D-printed, not injection molded or anything like that. The finish of this product might not look perfect, but the pictures in the listing show an accurate example of quality. We inspect every product we make to ensure great quality and fit.

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Facts and Features

Clean Looks

Keep your HomePod mini looking tidy by hiding the excess power cord inside the shelf's base

Precise Fit

The inset on top of our shelves perfectly fits the base of the HomePod mini to ensure a snug and secure fit

Easy DIY Installation

Our outlet cover shelf installs as quickly and easily as swapping any outlet faceplate

Pick a Color

We offer a range of popular color choices so you can perfectly match your HomePod mini shelf to your wall color or decor

Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Andrea S.
Verified Etsy Review

Super fast delivery, great customer service

Kristen Z.
Verified Etsy Review

This worked out great, and I am loving being able to listen to music in my bathroom. I made a mistake when ordering this (I ordered the wrong type of plate) and Derrick was very kind and helpful in rectifying the issue. Great product and service -- I highly recommend!

Diana M.
Excellent transaction

Excellent transaction

Diana M.
Great Vendor

This product is a good idea to get these pesky speakers off the counter and it hides 90% of the long wire. It is printed- so not as smooth as molded stuff would be from a factory -but it looks very nice. I would caution people who are color sensitive to choose carefully. These vendors are all limited by the colors of filaments they can buy and there isn't really an ivory or almond. I am going to try to paint mine to get a close match. The owner here is super nice and great to work with!

Matthew R.
Awesome Product

Every HomePod mini owner needs this for the kitchen and bath! Fast shipping, went out same day.